Fire Starters


Here's a Survival tool that may be a lifesaver for the hunter, camper or fisherman.  The Fire Starter works better than matches and lighters and will function reliably in wet, windy or cold conditions.  The system includes a flint rod, a steel striker, a magnesium bar, a leather strap and a decorative Mini Compass, with limited functionality.


To make a fire, use the striker to scrape flakes from the magnesium bar, and then quickly scrape the striker against the flint.  Hot sparks will fly off the flint that ignites the magnesium.  Magnesium is suited to ignite in a wet environment and creates a white-hot starter fire of about 5400 degrees. This 20000 striker fire starter is about 6 inch long, has a 5/8 inch thick magnesium bar and a .15 inch diameter flint.  


Shown are starters made with a variety of different types of wood.  

This is the end view of the Fire Starter and shows the Mini Compass in the back end of the Fire Starter Handle.

SOLD -- 20000 Striker Fire Starter with Basswood.  $27.00  Item # 20KFSB1

SOLD -- 20000 Striker Fire Starter with Purpleheart Wood.  $27.00 Item # 20KFSPHW5

SOLD -- 20000 Striker Fire Starter with Rock Maple Wood.  $27.00 Item # 20KFSRMW7