Over and Under Plated Machined Shotgun Bullet Pens

Inspired by the popular Over and Under combination rifle/shotgun, this Rollerball pen will make the perfect gift for any hunter, sportsman, trap and skeet shooter or gun enthusiast. This style shotgun is a favorite for hunting a wide variety of game, from deer to game birds. The shooter can choose the barrel appropriate for the target. All facets of this pen are big and impressive reproductions of the original. They include a 12 ga shotgun shell cap, a .30 caliber bullet style pen body, a shotgun clip and a large nib. They are approximately 5 and 5/8 inches long closed and 6 and 1/2 inches long open.  This pen uses a Parker style ball point pen refill.  This pen has been made with 24 Gold, Chrome or Gunmetal hardware finishes along with woods as well as other materials

Shotgun Pen Gold with East Indian Rosewood and Yellowheart Wood.  $35.00


Shotgun Pen Chrome with Macassar Ebony and Japnese Pagoda.  $35.00 Item # SPCMEJP2

Shotgun Pen Chrome with Braziland Rosewood/Curly Maple Wood. $35.00 Item SPCBRCM3