Expressive Pens home of great writing instruments and unique gifts.



Welcome to Expressive Pens, home of hand-crafted pens and other unique gifts!


Our specialty is fine-writing pens made from different types of bullets, shell casings, acrylics, exotic woods and much more.


We offer an array of accessories and creative items that will make the perfect gift for friends and family.  Everything is hand-crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Your happiness with your purchase is our number one priority!



Our website features a wide selection of the different types of bullet and shell casings that we use in our pens and other products.  These bullets and shell casings are inert and have no gun powder or expended primers in them.  It is not recommended that you take a bullet-configured item in your carry-on material through airport security, as it may be confiscated.



We will ship your ordered items by USPS Priority Mail, First Class package or envelope, and other methods for non-USA locations when appropriate.  On this website we have incorporated a PayPal "Buy Now" button for many items.  This button is for your conveniece, but is only for USA domestic locations.  Customers from Canada and International locations will need to provide their information including their address in order for us to be able to calculate the appropriate shipping costs.


Our goal is to consolidate your order to fit into the smallest package to minimize shipping costs.  If you order multiple items through PayPal I will refund you the difference between the actual cost and the calculated costs.  If you e-mail me,, before ordering items I will determine the actual costs.  To develop an automated formula to calculate shipping costs based on the price of all possible combinations of items would significantly increase the expense of shipping costs.